About Us

Purchased by the Follett Corporation in April 2016, BTPS is a business unit of Baker & Taylor and a synergistic merging of component parts that have long been fixtures in the publishing industry.

Baker & Taylor was founded in 1828 and has been at the forefront of order fulfillment and supply chain management for nearly 200 years. Bookmasters was a premier book manufacturer for more than 45 years and was purchased by private equity firm Castle Harlan, Baker & Taylor’s then-owner, in 2013. The Follett Corporation was founded in 1873 and remains a family-owned, privately-held company with a long-standing, demonstrated commitment to the highest standards in educational publishing.

Officially formed in October 2017, BTPS is proud to offer its client publishers the distinct advantages that result from the combined services of these three established companies (along with Bookmasters, which serves as the BTPS manufacturing division). Together, these entities form the largest supplier to the library and higher education markets in North America.


Mark Suchomel – Senior Vice President, Sales and Client Services

Bob Gospadarek – Senior Vice President, Operations