Editorial & Design

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Customized Design Services

Cover design

BTPS works with cover designers who are formally trained and have years of experience in both fine and commercial art.

Interior design

Choose from a selection of standard designs or allow BTPS to create a custom design.


BTPS typesetting specialists review pages as they’re being created to ensure nothing is left out, misaligned, changed, or otherwise altered during the typesetting process.

Art creation

The BTPS graphic designers produce original artwork to support and enhance text, including tables, charts, and graphs, and also create original illustrations and figures for book interiors.

eBook Conversion

BTPS creates ePUB and ePDF files in addition to converting titles into KF8 and/or Apple-compatible formats as needed. Click here for information about eBook creation and conversion with BTPS.

Customized Editorial Services


All BTPS editing and proofreading work is U.S.-based and electronic. Choose from editorial styles such as Chicago, APA, or a house style preference.


With a keen eye and fastidious attention to detail, BTPS proofreaders’ primary focus is on a book’s overall presentation.


Educated and knowledgeable editorial staff that are experts in many fields drive the indexing process along, indexing by hand rather than automated system to save time and compile a user-friendly index.


The BTPS editorial staff assess a manuscript’s overall strengths and weaknesses, covering plot development, continuity, characterization, and other facets of a book’s construction, as well as offer advice on improving a book’s literary flow and what editorial services may be needed.